Monday 2nd October. Today we’re cycling through the Val d’Adige vineyards to a small village Vò Destro near Avio.

There was an autumn chill in the air, although a warm and sunny 23 degrees as we set off on the road to Torbole. Arriving in Torbole we rode past ‘Wind’s Bar’, a great place for caffé and brioche then through the cobbled streets, soon we were above the lake riding through the olive groves. The road up to Nago above Torbole is quite steep in parts with spectacular views of the lake, it’s very peaceful.

Eventually we were on the pista ciclabile heading towards Loppio then to Mori and down to the Adige Valley – Val d’Adige. The pista ciclabile is a fairly flat cycling path that winds it way through the vineyards, it goes north to Trento and south to Verona. There are no grapes on the vines now as they’ve been picked and sent to the wine producers. In Arco, our friend Fulvio has many vineyards and has picked all his grapes ready to go into making Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Nosiola, Shiraz and Moscato wines. We’ve been lucky enough to try some of these wines and also the most delicious olive oil, plums and apples from his agritur. 

Cycling south through the vineyards we went through a few small villages, eventually arriving in the village of Vò Destro, home to the old ‘Taverna di Socrate’ and cyclists cafe  ‘Ruota Libera‘, both mentioned in a previous post Bike Throw on Passo Fittanze.

At Ruota Libera there was an extensive list of cakes, although most had gone so we chose the almond crostata with caffé. After the cafe stop we went back through Vó Destro, where Paul pointed out a small bicycle repair shop ‘Reparazione Cicli Sartori’. 


After a few photos we cycled the same route home as far as Nago, then took the fast descent back to Arco, me trying to stay on Paul’s wheel as usual.

Cycling through the Adige valley in the sunshine – perfetto.

Strava stats: distance 70.4 km; climbing 499m

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