Dario Pegoretti Cicli

"Paolo, make some ideas, then next week at the shop we start the design."
"Ok Dario, tutto bene."

We already had some basic ideas, colours and stuff like that. Maglia Rosa Cycling is named after the Giro’s pink leaders jersey, so pink had to be represented in one way or another. Also, Catherine insisted on part of the jersey being bright blue. Maybe to represent our location at Lake Garda? Or maybe she just likes the colour?

After a week of scribbling on paper with coloured pencils and messing about on illustrator we’d come up with a bunch of ideas we were happy with. So it was back to Verona to see the Head of Design!

As usual, ciao, ciao, bacci, abbracci, caffè.............then I hand Dario my iPad (it was a bit like handing homework in to teacher!)
After five minutes scrolling back and forth. “mmm.......this one’s not bad, I don’t like this so much, there’s too many jersey’s around like this”. Eventually, “I like this one and I like this logo!”
Ok, decision made!
Neither of the ideas were what we had in mind as our first choice, but we’d been overruled!

With the basic ideas in place it was now time to get to work on the specifics.
We chose the colours from the Giordana chart behind Dario’s desk.
Then he got to work transferring the layout and graphics to the jersey template, spending ages adjusting and refining our rough designs.

Dario Pegoretti designing

I hadn’t really seen Dario at work that much over the years, he was usually busy entertaining us when we visited him at the shop. But it was obvious the attention to detail and perfectionism that went in to his frames was applied to most things he did.

Dario was always a bit of a dichotomy. His appearance and manner gave a certain impression. He loved to laugh and play the fool, but that was just one aspect.

I remember sitting with him at the old workshop in Caldonazzo when he was working on the first version of his ‘Falz’ fork. Don’t forget, this was a man who started brazing lugged frames in the 1970’s and here he was tweaking carbon layup in solid-works!
But it didn’t surprise me. Dario had been out-thinking most of the frame building world for decades. Forever inquisitive, always learning, but thoroughly in the tradition.........even Ernesto Colnago used to call him Maestro!

There wasn’t time to get everything done today so we arranged to come back a few days later to finish things off......

Designing with Dario
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