This was originally going to be a short blog about designing a jersey for Maglia Rosa Cycling with the help of our friend Dario Pegoretti. The story starts in May 2018 but I didn’t get around to writing the words until now.

Quite a bit has changed since then........
Dario is no longer with us, he said “Ciao a tutti” on the 23rd August 2018. None of us were ready for that.
So this is a little bit more than a ‘jersey blog’.

Dario Pegoretti

We went to visit Dario soon after we returned to Italy. Just a quick drive down to Verona from our place at the top of Lake Garda.

We park up outside the workshop in the Land Rover, the ‘desert ship’ as Dario used to call it. A few steps and we press our faces up to the window and there he is looking as disheveled as usual.

“Ciao Caterina! Ciao Paolo! Come va? Tutto bene?” Kiss kiss, cuddle cuddle. “Caffè?” This is the usual routine after the front door opens!

Dario Pegoretti paintshop

"what colours do you want Caterina?"

We all go through to the workshop for coffee and the other guys appear - Pero, Gianmaria, the two Andrea’s and Jack .........
I think they could smell the freshly baked brioche we brought with us.

We talk about Catherine’s frame. This is her first Pego from 2010, built in Caldonazzo, two workshops ago. It needs the braze-ons removing, for use with etap and, of course, a fresh coat of paint.

We talk about colours and graphics, Catherine is thinking about some kind of fade paint-job, sfumato in Italian, but nothing is really decided.

Back in ‘the pit’ our name for Dario’s office/living room we talk about Maglia Rosa, what we’ve been up to, what our plans are. He complains about aches and pains, that he’s old and always tired - same as usual!

He tells us we need a jersey (something we’d been thinking about), “come up with some ideas and I will help, I have the templates on my computer, we can get Giorgio to make it”

As we walk down the yard to the food truck it starts raining so I put my cap on Dario’s head.
He takes it off and has a look, “Moser! Moser! Lo Scerifo!” (in reference to Francesco Moser)
then puts it back on reversed, “is more aero this way” he says, nodding in agreement with himself.

Dario Pegoretti pasta a tutti

Pasta a tutti?

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