Rider Ability

The rider ability grading system we use for our holidays is a rough guide to enable you to give us an idea of your fitness level and experience.
We understand not everyone is a racer and no matter what your riding style, our aim is that a Maglia Rosa Cycling holiday will be an enjoyable experience - whether you simply ride to maintain a good level of fitness or you’re a devotee who enjoys hurting themselves on the bike!
Do remember that these categories are just an indicator, and if you want to discuss your ability level in more detail please get in touch.

Rider Grade 1

Excellent fitness from regular training and a significant amount of time spent riding or racing. I like a bit of competition and enjoy fast paced, challenging riding for extended periods of time, I can ride in any terrain at a demanding pace whilst also enjoying my surroundings. Passionate about the bike and happy to push myself hard on the climbs, I’m fine climbing at a strong pace on 2000m+ climbs.

Rider Grade 2

Good fitness from regular cycling with a decent amount of time involved in the sport. I can ride full days in any terrain at a steady pace. I like to push myself physically and to experience a scenic and sociable ride. On flat terrain I can maintain an average speed of 17-18mph (28-30kph) when riding in a small group. I ride hills and enjoy getting to the top but prefer not to force the pace too much, I’m fine climbing steadily on 2000m+ climbs without feeling out of my depth.

Rider Grade 3

Moderate fitness from 2-3 rides per week. Fitness is an important part of my life, I can ride hilly terrain at a steady pace and can push the pace when the mood takes me but have no desire to race or take part in chain gangs. I enjoy riding through all different types of terrain and climbing hills and mountains that others might not want to attempt - at my own pace. I’m fine climbing steadily on 1000 - 1500m climbs.